Spring Term 2 Starts with a Big Bang


February 2022

25th February 2022

At Caythorpe, we make learning memorable!
A key part of our curriculum is to ensure pupils know more and remember more. One way we do this is to provide memorable learning experiences through our "Big Bangs!" Our big bangs are experiences with kick start our topics to ignite children's learning of new concpets.

Enchanted Forest and Neverland’s BIG BANG!

This term the topic for EYFS and Key Stage 2 is “Why did Kings and Queen’s live in castles?” A fabulous topic to enable children to explore the history of castles in the UK, why they were built and the science of the materials used to build them. The children were welcomed into the hall with cardboard boxes, dressing up clothes, craft activities and building activities and SOCKS? Why socks?

The children used their imagination to use the boxes to create a fort, moat and a bridge. Once they had set it up, they had to defend their castle and that’s where the socks came in. Anyone who dared enter their castle were met with balls of socks!

Children who wanted to be creative via art, were welcomed with various activities such as split pin knights or crown and shield making.

All the children helped create one of the cardboard castles that they helped to colour in. These castles are available for both classes to explore and role play in during the term’s topic.

Mrs Elmes dressed up as a dragon and swooped around the hall, encouraging the children into roleplaying with her.

Narnia’s Big Bang

Year 3 and 4 are studying “What did the Romans ever do for us?” this term. A topic to discover the legacy left from the Roman Empire in not only the UK but Europe too.

The children arrived as Roman gods/goddesses, soldiers, gladiators and Emperors for the day.

The children were informed by a descendent of Mars, the god of war, that they will be trained up to join a Roman legion. Before training commenced, the children designed and created their own Roman shield. They included different symbols and pictures that were important to them, using bold colours so that the enemy could see them from a distance. 

Once the shields were created and an obligatory photo was taken, the soldiers tucked into some bread that was made by Albertious Maximus using an ancient Roman recipe. Full up on our bread, the soldiers decided to burn off the calories by marching like the Roman army shouting the words ‘Sin, Dex, Sin, Dex’. Once the soldiers were trained up and ready for battle, they embarked on a very important mission. The god of war had lost some of his very special Roman artefacts! The children had to find the artefacts around the grounds, using the clues. The children accomplished their mission with flying colours; they have all been registered as Roman soldiers.

Hogwart’s Big Bang

Year 5 and 6 are studying “Is it a mountain or a molehill?” A topic to discover the geography of the mountains of the world. The children have worked brilliantly in our ‘Mountain Base Camp’ training “Big Bang!”.

We had a morning of orienteering. The children used their navigational skills and knowledge of compass points to complete the course in the fastest time possible. At each checkpoint they had to answer a geography trivia question before moving on. They really enjoyed completing their learning outside the classroom and we are excited for our afternoon of activities. In the afternoon, we completed a carousel of activities including expedition planning, tent building and baking.

The children had to show their learning powers of teamwork and perseverance to overcome new challenges that they have not faced before.

It has inspired the children to learn about mountain ranges from around the world, how they are formed and how they impact on the world that we live in today.