Black History Month


21st October 2021

Black History Month

This month we have been acknowledging Black History Month. It gave the children an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contributions that Black people have made to British society, whether that be today or historically. The children not only learnt about individuals of note but also learnt that it is important to celebrate the contributions of everyone to our society and support the multiculturalism and diversity that helps shape our communities.

In our assemblies, children have been sharing their learning with the school. Mrs Hunt shared the book by Floella Benjamin, “Coming to England.” Charlize was able to explain that the family came over from “Jamaica and Trinidad to help rebuild Britain!” Ewan explained that a footballing hero and legend is the great player Pele.

Miss Cook shared “The Proudest Blue” written by the American Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammed, the first American Muslim woman in hijab to compete in the Olympic games. Ibtihaj explains in her book, her hijab is part of her. A truly inspirational real-life story. Hogwarts researched influential black people. Annie found out about Martin Luther-King.