Police Visit Enchanted Forest


29th March 2023

Police Visit Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest were visited by Detective Inspector Penney this week.

The children prepared for his visit by thinking of questions to ask DI Penney as well as orally rehearsing and writing their questions. They thought carefully about what they'd like to know. Without fail the children asked sensible and well thought out questions such as, “Can you drive through a red light?” and “How do I call you in an emergency?”

DI Penney brought in his riot gear, which he wears to football matches, police uniform, different hats, police tape and much more for the children to explore. However, the children decided that Mrs Elmes hadn't been good that day so DI Penney (her son) had no other option but to place the handcuffs on her. DI Penney also read Mrs Elmes her rights. The children also had a go at placing the hand cuffs on Mrs Elmes.