Busy Bees in Enchanted Forest and Neverland


14th March 2023

Busy Bees visited by Bee Keepers

Children in Enchanted Forest and Neverland were visited by Beth the beekeeper.

Beth explained to the children how honey is made. She brought her special tools with her to show the children which she uses to care for the bees and collect honey. One was a brush, used to gently brush away the bees which might be resting on the beekeeper’s suit.


Cole correctly suggested what the “smoker” was for. The smoke puffs smoke into the hive, so the bees think there is a fire and go deeper into the hive, allowing the beekeeper to collect the honey.

The children were able to see and touch honeycomb. Beth explained how clever the bees are making each hexagon of their honeycombs slightly tilted so the honey does not drip out.